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True life begins here

 Have you ever wondered... if you have enough to give it all,

to listen what lies beneath the surface, in the dark corners of self doubt , to feel true and to trust the voices from inside, shadows of long forgotten thoughts in mind, what too long ago dared to dream…

trust that you can and you will, if you let yourself free….no longer being trapped by dogmas surrounding 

you, not giving damn about others oppinnions, what and how you should be…and to be worth what you have been wishing for…what would happen then?  have you, we know you have, we all have

Ford Mustang GT

Well now you do not have to anymore…

  we have made that choice for you…all you have to do take all the courage you have,

and take a seat in one and true American muscle…and prepare to …that only voice you’ll hear is your hearth asking for more, when you hit the pedal and feel the roar….that any road isn’t just the road, it’s a journey and it’s all worth it as the past will become dust in the rear view mirror it is intoxicating and so addictive that you’ll might never wanna stop and you’ll never be same again…cause less ain’t more anymore, more is more… and in the blink of a second you’ll understand true purpose of gasoline and learn the dna of pure breed, blood line what goes all the way back to the Model T….realising why cars are really made for


 Do not limit yourself, be pure, be true… choose Ford Mustang GT and you’ll be free…

at least for the time you wish to be…


The best part is you do not have to buy it, you’ll just rent it and  you can return back to your boring life anytime


It is not free, freedom never is, but it will be worth it


Be brave enough to be alive